The following provide governance, management and administration for the Runaka.


Kuao Langsbury

I was born and lived at Otakou and throughout my life have maintained my linkage with the whenua and hapu of Otakou Runanga. From a young age I have been involved at the governance and management levels for the Runanga, Iwi and wider Maori community.

I was a member of the Ngai Tahu Trust Board for 17 years and am currently the Upoko runanga of Otakou, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for, Ngai Tahu Finance Ltd, Ngai Tahu Fisheries Ltd and Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation. I have been since 1991 and remain the Manager of the Araiteuru Kokiri Centre and a Trustee of the Araiteuru Marae.

My whakapapa to Otakou is through my mother Roimata Josephine Whatu (nee Karetai) and the tipuna Karetai and Te Hu.

My long period of association and service with the Iwi and Runanga provides me with a significant insight into the representation required for the Runanga and the table of Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu. I always have the best interests of the Runanga foremost in my internal and external roles for the Runanga.

I can be contacted through the Otakou office

Donna Matahaere-Atariki
Ngai Te Ruahikihiki Ngati Taoka, Te Atawhiua

Rūnaka chairperson


I am a great grand-daughter of Eliza and Ihaia Potiki. I have two adult children, Winnie and Matt and 12 year old Akatere who attends Bathgate Park Primary school, two granddaughters, Mataawhio Dragomira Lola and Atawhiua Delilah, one grandson, Tutekawa Leonarndo and a very patient partner, Tony Atariki.

I have a background in education, health and social services both at a community and public sector level and am currently executive director of Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora a community based provider of health and social services in Otago.

I have experience engaging with a broad range of agencies having previously worked as a policy director for government in Wellington and as a contractor to a range of government agencies including the ministry of education.

I am a ministerial appointment to the University of Otago Council, an elected member of the Ministry of Health NGO Working Group, Trustee of the Southern PHO, Chairperson of Bathgate Primary School, an elected BoT for Brockville Primary School and a National NGO representative of the National Taskforce on Family Violence. I also sit on a number of committees both locally and nationally.

I am honoured to be chairperson and bring to the position a belief in the ability of whanau to realise their potential. I see the role of the runanga as key to enabling success for those wishing to participate and to encourage greater engagement of whanau in all aspects of the runanga's business.

Anne Robertson - Komiti Co-ordinator

  • Co-ordination and administration of nga komiti


Nic Hedley - Executive Administrator

  • Hui and event organisation
  • Marae administration


The Wharekai Co-ordinator

  • Hui and event catering
  • Safety, hygiene and maintenence


Peter Asher - Grounds Management

  • Maintenance of grounds and buildings
  • Co-ordinating work with teams of young people undertaking community work